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Alberto Vargas
"...we could always sleep till noon" Mounted Pin-Up
52 x 39cm

Alberto Vargas became famous in the 1940s for the iconic pin-ups he painted for Esquire and later Playboy magazine. Today his original works and limited prints sell for enormous sums. We search high and low for vintage playboys from the 1960s and 70s featuring his work, which we then painstakingly remove and have professionally mounted. The caption of this one reads: "Well, if you're afraid you'll hate yourself in the morning, Mr. Thornton, we can always sleep till noon" The mount measures 52 x 39cm. We also sell frames that we have specially made to fit these mounts. This picture will require our larger frame which you can also find in the Pin-Up girl section of our Lifestyle website. If you would like to see a larger image of this or any other of these pictures then please call or email us.

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