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Baxter of California
Beach Soap – Atlantic

This is something a little special from Baxter of California (though those guys are behind so many special creations it’s getting hard to find something of theirs that doesn’t deserve that description). Anyways, this soap is loosely inspired by their popular Italian Lime scented Glycerin bar, but was “re-mixed” by the guys at Surf Saturdays (a hip surf store in the most unlikely of locations... New York City!) to capture the essence of the Atlantic Ocean. The team formulated a Citrus & Herbal- Eucalyptus blend (enriched with skin soothing Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, D and A plus hydrating Seal Kelp extract) resulting in a fresh, masculine interpretation of the ocean, whilst the shape and packaging of the bar were inspired by surf board wax. BC3005:DU1000:MV6000

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