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Baxter of California
Bravado 3 Eau de Cologne

The original Bravado fragrance from Baxter of California was retired from the range some years ago but we are pleased to introduce two new fine fragrances that continue the heritage…. Bravado 2 and Bravado 3. Every aspect of the new colognes is the result of years of painstaking work and attention to detail. Not only did the scents themselves undergo countless reformulations in the quest for the right notes, but renowned packaging designer Marc Atlan was commissioned to create the unique bottle whilst leading photographer Albert Giordan was chosen to capture the Bravado imagery. Bravado 3 has a Mandarin Citrus top note, a White Floral Lavender middle note and dries down to reveal Musky Woody notes – a warmer cologne suited to evening wear as much as the day. BC4002:BC7011:BC7009

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