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Battle Picture Library
Let 'em Have It – 12 comic book compilation
225 x 180mm

Hit the dirt! The hot lead is flying thick and fast in this second volume of outstanding war stories from the Battle Picture Library, so you’d better keep your head down. In fact, why not beat a hasty retreat to the nearest foxhole and settle down for a rollicking good read? The Battle series was created to concentrate on stories of soldiers facing up to the dangers of combat on land (rather than in the air or at sea), so this nostalgic collection includes tales such as ‘Fort Blood’ and ‘The Fire-Eater’ where the fighting takes place in the heat and dust of the desert. If your tastes are a touch more tropical, then you can slog your way through the intense heat and humidity of the jungle in stories like ‘The Flame and the Fury’ or ‘The Island of Guilt’. Either way the gunfire is so close you’ll be able to smell the cordite. These twelve stories feature some of the best comic-book art ever created.

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