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Bandits at 12 O'Clock – 12 comic book compilation
225 x 180mm

Spitfire, Hurricane, Lancaster, Mosquito… these legendary aircraft of the Second World War come roaring to life, twisting and turning through the pages of this dogfight of a book with machine guns and cannons blazing. Whether fighting for survival in the skies over southern England, dodging night fighters in the darkened skies of bombing raids over Germany or battling against the deadly ‘Zero’ fighters of Japan, the action comes as thick as a blaze of rockets from the wings of a Typhoon. Gripping stories like ‘Black Zero’, ‘Mosquito Ace’ and ‘Jet Blitz’ take you soaring skywards with images so dramatic that you will almost be able to smell the machine oil, hear the howl of the engines or feel the shock of a flak burst. So pull on your flying helmet, strap yourself in and stand by for take-off on the fantasy flight of your life!

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