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Rumble in the Jungle – 12 comic book compilation
225 x 180mm

From the steamy jungles of Burma to the leach-infested islands of the Pacific, follow Allied squaddies, Kachin Rangers, Chindits and snipers as they do battle with fanatical warriors from the Land of the Rising Sun. Packed with action and adventure, Rumble in the Jungle shows our lads coping with ambushes, impenetrable undergrowth, mysterious caves, deep river gorges flooded by monsoons, samurai swords, slithering snakes, fiendish fevers, strange cries in the night, menacing idols, dangerous animals and insects, not to mention the usual threats from bullets and bombs. With stories like ‘Jungle Madness’, ‘Grudge Fight’, ‘The Black Pagoda’, ‘Danger Everywhere!’ and ‘Jungle Sniper’, this rip-roaring anthology will transport you into a world of sweat, swamps and snakes, where our ever- invincible heroes battle bravely and honourably onwards to victory.

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