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Daimon Barber
No. 3 - Wax Pomade

No.3 is the most unique and versatile product in the range. This Wax Pomade is 100% vegan and made from premium natural plant wax. It can be used to add texture and control, as well as in classic styling situations. This pomade contains hydrogenated Castor Oil - providing many benefits including hydration, moisture retention and cleansing. Other ingredients include Soya Wax, Carnauba Wax and Argan Oil. Argan Oil is a “miracle oil” that deeply penetrates the hair, repairing dry, damaged and fly away hair by improving hydration, elasticity and strength. No.3 is a perfect topical treatment for hair damaged by weather, heat, colouration or over-styling. Easily rinsed or washed away, it leaves the hair conditioned and lustrous. Scented with Cucumber, Bergamot and Earl Grey for a quintessentially English, fresh note.

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