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Dovo of Solingen
Disposable Blade Cut-Throat Razor with Aluminium Handle


A superior aluminium-handled version of the ingenious cut- throat razor which takes disposable open razor blades. This means it is not only very affordable, but when the blade becomes less sharp you simply insert a new one. A good way to try an open razor if you're not sure about investing in one of the more decorative versions. Open or 'cut-throat' razors shave far closer than the safety variety but require some getting used to (we provide instructions for use). For most men a shave with an open razor will keep stubble at bay sufficiently for two days. Dovo of Solingen are makers of the world's finest open razors. Ten blades included. Each blade – similar in appearance to the old-fashioned safety razor variety – is snapped into two, effectively giving twenty individual blades.

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