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Diamond Ultrawhite Whitening Toothpaste

From Janina’s revolutionary enzyme-based dental care system comes this extra- strength non-abrasive toothpaste. Includes 14 active ingredients that target the bacteria that cause staining, plaque, tartar, gum disease and bad breath. Its patented Bromaine Complex is a combination of effective yet completely safe ingredients that work gradually to reduce staining and discolouration to give a boost to the natural whiteness of teeth. In addition this Diamond formula contains extra enzymes to act as catalysts, speeding up the whitening process. Also provides extra-strength breath control because the sulphur compounds that cause halitosis are being oxidised quicker. The Janina range has been independently proven to be the most effective currently available in the reduction of halitosis, prevention of dental abrasion and significant natural safe enzyme tooth whitening. MV6003:JN6003:BC2004

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