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War Picture Library
Against All Odds – 12 comic book compilation
225 x 180mm

The war Picture Library series included some of the best World War II adventures ever written, with some of the finest comic book artists of their day helping to bring the action to life. Over fifty years since they were first published, these stories are as gripping as ever. This second volume of War Picture Library stories takes us from the desperate heroics of the Battle of Britain in 1940 and the bitter battles fought against Hitler’s U-boat fleet in the North Atlantic, through the desert war in North Africa and hand-to-hand combat in the jungles of New Guinea to the Normandy beaches on D-Day in 1944 and the advance into Germany. These twelve stories provide a broad overview of the whole war, but this is no dry and dusty history lesson… Against All Odds is an action-packed, pitched battle of a book!

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