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Yard Etc
Chest Apron Denim BLUE


This stylish full size apron is made in a durable 13 ¾ Oz. heavy cotton denim. Durability beyond the fabric has been secured through thorough workmanship, reinforced pockets and riveted details. Adjustable neck strap and waist belt will secure a perfect fit. Your favourite garden scissors will fit nicely and always be within reach in the secateur pocket on the side. The oversized and reinforced front pockets will be a handy place to put garden gloves, seeds, garden strings etc. The waist loop can house a small towel or a hanging fine tuning tool. Notebooks, pencils and mobile phones are best put in the chest pockets. Secret low cut inside pockets will handle unexpected, temporary storage needs. Bonus: It looks and works as good in the kitchen as in the back yard!

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