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Hypoallergenic Nutritive Cream

Elicina is an incredible multi-purpose repair cream. Light but non-greasy, it can work miracles on scars, wrinkles, acne, burns, age spots, warts and minor cuts. Believe it or not it is made in Chile from the secretions of snails. To cut a long story short many years ago a chap working on a snail farm in Chile discovered that the fluids they use to repair their shells seemed to help heal cuts (possibly caused by lassoing the snails!?). After years of research and validation it was established that its possible applications were incredibly wide ranging due to the presence of no less than seven bio-available skin repairing ingredients (consequently there is also an Elicina Post-Shave Balm which is particularly recommended for those who suffer shaving irritation). It should be noted that depending on the severity of the imperfection being treated, a course of several weeks of Elicina may be required. Guidelines for use are provided. DR2002:BC3003IL:TS2000

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